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Troubleshooting Guide

Issue: Truck Mount has no power to start

This video help trouble shooting Amtex machine, when operator turns the ignition key ON and THERE IS NO POWER.

  • Check engine fuse to be OK
  • Check for starter solenoid blue wire to be connected
  • check for battery cables to be clean and secure
  • Check is battery is alive or not drained

Issue: Truck Mount starts BUT it does not fire up or run

This video shows that units start but she does not "fire up" or run.

  • Make sure the water is turned on
  • Check for good flow of water coming in
  • Check fuel filter for fuel
  • Check water sensor (purple and black wire)
  • Check Recovery tank float to be clean, operational and not faulty

Issue: Truck Mount Runs but does not stay running

This video shows that units start but she does not "fire up" or run.

  • Check for constant flow of water coming in
  • Very low incoming water pressure from the water source
  • Check air filter

Issue: Truck Mount Runs but can't accelerate or gain speed

Machine won't accelerate or speed up.

  • Check Engine air filter to be clean
  • Check for any derbies clogging vacuum inlet
  • Check for clean tank's air filter
  • Check for faulty Ignition coils (contact Amtex or any Kholer service center)

Issue: Truck Mount has low psi pressure at the gauge

  • Check your pressure regulator to be set OK
  • Check Incoming water regulator (T-handle) is set correctly
  • Check for stock-open Dema valve
  • Check pump's head

Issue: Truck Mount has good pressure at the gauge but no at your cleaning tool

No pressure at the tool.

  • Check for faulty and clogged hoses
  • Check for faulty, worn down or bad QDs or quick connects
  • Check your tool's trigger valve to be OK
  • Check for clogged or dirty strainers
  • Check for clogged jets

Issue: All of sudden machine loose pressure

Sudden Loss of Pressure.

  • Make sure water source supplying water to unit
  • Check T-handle regulator
  • Check for dema valve being stuck open
  • Check Check valves at pump's head

Issue: Truck Mount has weak or no suction or vacuum pull

  • Check vacuum inlet and vacuum hose to the tank to be clean
  • Check tank's elbows to be clean and free of trash
  • check vacuum tank filter
  • Check tank's gasket to be OK
  • Check connection between the machine and the tank (connecting union)
  • Check for dump valve to be closed
  • Check belts or coupling (direct drive) to tight and OK

Issue: Truck Mount has low vacuum at your tools

  • Check your hoses if there are leaking
  • Check if there is and air leakage on your inline filter
  • Check for too much foam build up in your hoses or your recovery tank

Issue: Your machine has loud noise

Loud vacuum discharge noise.

  • Check that your vacuum inlet is clean
  • Check tank's elbows are clear and clean
  • Check your tank filter is clean
  • Check if your blower discharge hose is damaged or has a cut in it